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Students of Energy Academy Celebrate Nuclear Science Week 2020

The “Claiborne County Nuclear Science Week” which will be held October 19-23 will be a week-long program aimed at providing high school students with an opportunity to understand and explore the value of nuclear science, including how nuclear technology works. Students will be engaged with virtual presenters from the nuclear industry, virtual site tours, demonstrations, field trips, and student-led activities that further help enhance students’ leadership, public speaking skills, and career pathway skills in the field of nuclear science.

The goals of the week-long program are to:

1) gain knowledge of their very own nuclear power plant Grand Gulf Nuclear Station;

2) assist students in gaining knowledge of all aspects of nuclear science; and

3) exposure to career opportunities to the field of nuclear science.

The ultimate goal is to provide an opportunity for learning about the contributions, innovations, and opportunities that can be found by exploring nuclear science. To accomplish these goals, students will participate in a week-long journey of student-led activities designed to increase understanding of nuclear energy and nuclear technology applications. Presentations will cover a variety of nuclear science topics including power plant operation, safety, experiments, and activities with Radiation and the Cloud Chamber, using a Geiger Counter, Personal Radiation Dose, the Future of Nuclear Energy, Fueling the Future, career inventory, and a wrap up of Nuclear Energy through a Virtual Field Trip. Included in those presentations, students will gain outreach messages promoting the themes “Radiation and radioactivity are a natural part of our world; nuclear technology works; and how nuclear technology enhances our quality of life.” Energy Academy participants will be divided into groups of five and will be responsible for leading and providing presentations for each designated topic. At the end of each session, Academy participants will participate in question and answer sessions and will be responsible for creating a “lesson learned” presentation to be used as an evaluation tool for improvement. Career development is a critical component for students and affects the future of local communities, the state, and the country. Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Entergy Mississippi, and the Energy Academy board will continue to ensure that students acquire the competencies and credentials needed to make the school-to-work connection as they advance towards their future careers, as well as support future workforce needs in Mississippi and across the country.