• Board Policies Under Review

    The CCSD Board of Education welcomes public comments regarding policy revisions. Please click on the policy name to review a policy. Comments may be emailed to the Board of Education or mailed to P.O. Box 337, Port Gibson, MS 39150.

    Process for Reviewing Policies
    The Claiborne County School District Board of Education and administration will utilize the following process to review and revise our policies:

      1. Board members and staff may present policies for revision to the school board attorney based on need, change in law, or a change in regulations.
      2. The school board attorney notifies the board as suggested to-be-revised policies are received. The school board attorney and the policy review committee will meet regularly to prioritize the policies recommended for revision based on urgency or other relevant factors. 
      3. Once received, the general counsel reviews the policy(ies) submitted for revision, examines the context for concern, suggests appropriate language to remedy the concern, and makes recommendations to the policy review committee for consideration. The review committee will make additional revisions, as necessary. Prior to being placed on the board agenda, the policies are posted for review by the public under the Policies for Review section.
      4. The school board attorney will present the policy revisions to the board for information only.
      5. Once the full board has reviewed the recommended revisions, the school board attorney will make additional revisions as directed by the board, if necessary. The revised policies will be posted on the board’s web page under the Submitted for Review section. The policy revisions also will be sent out via email to district employees.
      6. At the next board meeting, the school board attorney will share feedback received from across the district and community regarding the policies under consideration. The board will take the opportunity to revise the policy(ies) as necessary. Once revised, the school board attorney will present the policies to the board for approval on the date stated under Scheduled for Board Action.
      7. Once approved by the board, the policies will be placed under the Board Approved Policies section of the School Board webpage and emailed to district employees.
      8. For policies reviewed during the last school year, the full board will review those policies as changes are necessary, based on law or practices.

    NOTE: In a larger and more comprehensive effort to shift our policies from operational/administrative to governance, the board, superintendent, and general counsel will work to review and revise policy language. The general counsel will provide a timeline for the completion of this project, though we expect it to last several months.

    Policies for Review