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  • Parents and Community, the Claiborne County School District is planning for the 2024-2025 school year. Please join us for a stakeholder engagement meeting on Monday, June 3, 2024, at the CCSD Central Office. If you are unable to attend, we still need your input. You can help by scanning the QR code below with your smartphone to share your input, or you can complete the needs assessment survey by visiting the district website


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  • The Claiborne County School District is refining the Strategic Plan that will guide district operations and processes for the next five years. Your input and assistance are needed. Please complete this survey to help District leaders solidify the Mission, Vision, and Goals for the 2024 CCSD Strategic Plan. Thank you in advance for your time and input. 

    2024 Survey

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What's New in CCSD

  • Reading Assessment

    3rd grade reading assessment will be administered from April 4-22

    JACKSON, Miss. – The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) is announcing that the 3rd grade reading assessment, which helps determine promotion to the 4th grade, will be administered from April 4-22 across the state. 

    The Literacy-Based Promotion Act (LBPA) enacted in 2013 was created to help ensure kindergarten through 3rd-grade students develop good reading skills. The law was amended in 2016 and requires all Mississippi 3rd grade public school students to score at level 3 or higher on the reading portion of the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program English Language Arts (MAAP-ELA) test to qualify to be promoted to 4th grade. Exemptions apply to certain students with disabilities, students learning English or students who have been previously retained.

    Third-graders will be given up to three attempts to pass the assessment. If a student fails the first test, a retest will be given May 9-13. If a student fails the retest, a second retest will be given June 20-July 8. Schools and districts will offer intervention to students who fail the tests.

    The MDE has shared various resources with school districts and teachers to better ensure students are prepared for the assessment. In fall 2021, MDE held eight regional family literacy meetings. Additional MDE resources available to parents and guardians include:

    • – The 3rd grade section of MDE’s Strong Readers, Strong Leaders website is full of fun activities families and students can use to improve reading. Topics cover vocabulary, comprehension, working with sounds, working with letters and sounds and reading accurately to understand.
    • 3rd Grade Reading Assessment Flyer, which contains information about testing dates, format, results, the importance of passing the assessment and how families can support reading development at home.
    • - Additional guidance, resources and information about the LBPA may be found online by visiting the Literacy section of MDE’s website.
    • Social media – MDE will share tips on its Facebook and Twitter platforms in the coming weeks.

    In 2019, 74.5% of 3rd graders passed the assessment on the first attempt. By the third attempt, a total of 85.6% passed. The Mississippi State Board of Education (SBE) suspended administering the assessment for the 2019-20 school year due to the state of emergency Gov. Tate Reeves declared in March 2020 to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The 3rd grade reading assessment was administered once in the 2020-21 school year, however; due to the state of emergency, the SBE waived the passing requirement. The state of emergency expired Nov. 20, 2021. 

    The LBPA takes a comprehensive approach to helping teachers and school leaders effectively teach reading and implement an ongoing system to monitor student progress. The law enables MDE to deploy literacy coaches to schools where data show students struggle the most with reading. Coaches work directly with teachers and administrators to help them become more effective teachers of reading. Currently, 56 literacy coaches serve 95 schools and 51 districts.

    Mississippi’s K-3rd grade students are screened three times annually to determine their reading levels. Based on those results, teachers can focus on a student’s needed improvement skills. Parents are also made aware of their child’s results and can check with their child’s teachers for helpful strategies specific to their child’s needs.

    “Mississippi’s K-3 teachers, administrators and school leaders have worked hard to assess and prepare 3rd graders to meet reading standards even during the pandemic,” said Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of education. “MDE encourages parents to utilize resources from MDE and from their child’s teacher and school to equip students to succeed.”

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  • Claiborne County School District Received Donation from Hometown Supporter

    The Claiborne County School District is grateful for the continued support of Mr. Jeffrey Wilson of North America Security Services.  Recently, Mr. Wilson expanded his philanthropic efforts in the CCSD by paying the usage fee for four (4) students at AWWES.  Additionally, he purchased three (3) workout benches with wheels for the PGHS Football Team and outfitted the PGHS Basketball Team with blazers and tennis shoes.

     A warm and sincere “thank you” is extended to Mr. Jeffrey from the CCSD administration, faculty, staff, and students.   We applaud your sustained efforts to give back to the Claiborne County School District.

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  • Claiborne County School District Received Donation of Hand Sanitizer

    The Claiborne County Emergency Management Agency donated 24 cases (288 gallons) of hand sanitizer for students and staff.  “During this worldwide pandemic, we appreciate the generosity of community agencies who partner with us to ensure the safety of our students and staff,” commented Dr. Nonya Thrasher, Interim Superintendent of Education.

     The school district administrative staff would like to thank the Claiborne County Emergency Management team for their generosity and continued partnership to support the safety and well-being of our students and staff members.


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  • Claiborne County School District Received Donation from Alcorn State University

    The Claiborne County School District received a donation of 250 chairs from Alcorn State University.  The chairs, which are covered with purple upholstery, have back and seat cushions to provide comfort and support.

     The school district administrative staff would like to thank Alcorn State University for the generosity and partnership to support the needs of our students and staff.

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  • MSDH: Public Health Guidance


    Due to the rapidly rising burden of COVID-19 cases, excessive hospitalizations, and the high risk of COVID-19 infection in the community, the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) is issuing the following Public Health Guidance.

    All residents of Mississippi should avoid any social gathering that includes individuals outside of the nuclear family or household. MSDH recommends that Mississippians only participate in work, school, or other absolutely essential activities.

    MSDH recommends that all Mississippians protect themselves and their families by avoiding public or social gatherings such as the following:

    • Social events or parties
    • Family gatherings outside of the household or nuclear family
    • Weddings
    • Funerals (other than close family and preferably outdoors)
    • Sporting events
    • In-person church services


    Thomas Dobbs, MD, MPH
    State Health Officer

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  • Claiborne County School District Receives $250,000 Grant

    Claiborne County School District Receives $250,000 Grant

    The Claiborne County School District has received a $250,000 grant from School-Based Healthcare Solutions Network, Inc. SBHSN is a private grant-giving organization that finds and supports under-resourced public schools and public charter schools to implement and expand
    access to quality behavioral health and general pediatric services on school campuses. The grant
    funding will occur during the 2021-2022 school year and is for children living in rural and urban

    SBHSN will provide mental healthcare, care coordination, evidence-based behavioral health, and social-emotional support services to students identified as meeting Early Warning Indicators
    (EWIs) via Telehealth or on school campuses, once traditional educational services resume.

    The Claiborne County School District is very grateful for the grant and looks forward to utilizing
    the funds to assist our students.

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  • CCSD Parent Academy November Training Session

    CCSD Parent Academy Sessions Scheduled for November 

    The Claiborne County School District is proud to present November Sessions of Parent Training Academy. These events are scheduled to start Thursday, November 05, 2020. Register by clicking HERE! Click on the above link for more details. 


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  • CCSD Extends Summer Meals Program Through December 2020

    CCSD Extends Summer Meals Program Through December 2020

    The Claiborne County School District Child Nutrition Department applied for a waiver and was approved to extend the Summer Food Service Program through December 2020 or until USDA funds run out. This program allows the district to serve children 18 years of age and under, even if they are not enrolled in the Claiborne County School District.


    Meals are being delivered in the community on Regular Bus Routes.


    Please ensure your child/children pick up his/her free meals. We want to give all students the opportunity to receive a nutritious meal. Let us all get on board to make sure our children enjoy a healthy balanced meal each day.

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  • Distance Learning Instructional Work Packets

    Distance Learning Instructional Work Packets 

    Click here to download the CCSD Instructional packets for the First 3 weeks of School. Aug 17-September 04. The packets will be issued on Thursday 8/13 and Friday 8/14 from 8:30-3PM at each school site as well.


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  • Approved Reopening Schedules Details and FAQs

    The Claiborne County School District Administration Has Approved Two (2) Reopening Schedules

    The Claiborne County School District Administration has approved two (2) reopening schedules, a HYBRID SCHEDULE and a DISTANCE LEARNING SCHEDULE. Parents have the option to choose from the two approved options plans. A brief description of each plan is below. Once parents opt in to the plan of their choosing, the opposite schedule will no longer be an option for the Fall semester (August-December).

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