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Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Board Policies & Procedures



The policies and procedures governing the operation of the schools of the Claiborne County School District

chart the course of the Claiborne County Schools, indicate actions to be taken by the School Board, the

administration, and other staff members in carrying out their responsibilities, foster stability and continuity, and

contribute to the efficiency of the Board of Education and the school staff. Policies adopted by the Board are

intended to inform everyone about the Board’s intent, goals, and aspirations; procedures detailed in this manual

include the directions developed by the administration to put policy into practice.

In coding the policies and procedures now in effect in the Claiborne County School District, the alphabetical

sequence first adopted by the National School Boards Association has been followed in most instances, together

with other coding used by the Mississippi School Boards Association. In a number of cases, however, codes

may differ from those used by both the NSBA and the MSBA. Such changes may reflect particular district

policy requirements/titles or identifying terms or descriptors not included in the original code-finder.

The manual is divided into thirteen sections. A break page indicates the titles or subjects of policies in a

particular section. The thirteen general sections are the following:


Section A – School District Organization

Section B – School Board Operations

Section C – General School Administration

Section D – Fiscal Management

Section E – Business Management (excludes fiscal management)

Section F – Facility Expansion Program

Section G -- Personnel

Section I – Instructional Program

Section J -- Students

Section K – General School-Community Relations

Section L – Inter-organizational Relations (excludes educational agencies)

Section M – Education Agency Relations


Efforts will be made to continue to update materials, inserting new policy statements and procedural guidelines

and removing outdated materials as necessary. Copies of the manual will be placed in every school in the

district and in each principal’s office and will be available to every staff member. Additionally, a copy of the

manual will be placed on-line and available to the community. All staff members will be expected to be

familiar with policies governing the school district and to adhere to these policies at all times.

Readers of this manual should note that individual policies shall be interpreted in conjunction with all other

policies and provisions of the manual and shall not be considered in isolation. The reader should also note that

a policy statement is frequently followed by references to other policies or that the index leads to other policy

statements related to the policy being reviewed. Users should check all such cross-references or related policy


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